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How to Grow an Amazing Flower Garden

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There are very few people who do not like trees and flowers. But due to lack of space in the house at this time, many people garden on the roof of the house or on a small balcony. If you have a beautiful yard in front of your house, you can make a beautiful flower garden. Literally people do flower gardening as a hobby. But you can earn from it if you want.

It is normal to have a flower garden in your hobby. But for a beautiful flower garden you have to follow the proper rules. As mentioned earlier you can earn from it. In that case, transform your garden into a small nursery. There are many companies that supply flowers abroad. Germany is the best place where you can earn money by providing your own arranged garden flowers. You can contact the flower delivery company for flowers delivery in Germany. But before that, follow the methods discussed below for how to decorate your flower garden.

Location selection:

Flower gardens are good where there is no extra sunlight. A little sunlight and a gentle breeze are good for healthy flowering plants. Especially the first sunlight in the morning is suitable for photosynthesis of trees. Ideal for a flower garden or nursery in the backyard where there are few trees around. If you want you can garden on the roof, but you have to arrange shade for it. If you want to make money from this garden, then the yard is the ideal place to garden.

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Tub selection:

What kind of flowers you want to plant will depend on your plan. Usually, 8 to 10-inch tubs are used for flowering plants. However, for large flowering plants, comparatively large tubs have to be arranged. Make sure the tub has a drainage system. You can also make a tub with a home wastewater bottle or an extra color container. You can also plant shrubs in hanging tubs or layered tubs.

Soil selection:

The most essential element for any tree is soil. If the soil is not suitable for flowering plants, the trees will not be good and there will be problems in flowering. Loam soil is best suited for flowering plants or any tree. Rotten dung manure, manure, bone powder should be mixed with loamy soil. The mixed soil should be crumbly filled in the tub. Remember not to mix any type of water in this case.

Sapling tree selection:

What kind of flower you want to plant is entirely up to you. If you want to do nursery you can produce Sapling tree from seed. You will also find small trees in the market nursery. However, it is advisable to plant your seedlings keeping in mind the flowers sold in the market. When taking seedlings from the nursery, make sure that the plant is healthy.

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Flower structure:

You can choose both small and large flowers to decorate your own flower garden. Also take care to plant seasonal flower seedlings. Because your beautiful flower garden is incomplete without seasonal flowers. If you want small flowers, prune the tree to 20 to 25 cm. And if you want big flowers, prune the rest leaving 1 to 2 buds in the flower bud stage.

Protection from insects:

In many cases, even after your proper care, insect infestation can be seen on the tree. There is no reason to worry about this. You can occasionally spray soapy water on the flowers to get rid of insects. Try to avoid chemicals as much as possible. Although these benefit quickly, they can be a problem for you as well. If there is an infestation of insects in the tree, prune them from the tree whether it is a branch or a bud. This will help you to protect your flowers from insects.


You can decorate your flower garden as you like. Remember that gardening or nursery is the result of long-term efforts. You can take proper care of your flower garden by following the above-mentioned method.

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