How to Increase Your Facebook CTR for Your Best Ads

Once upon a time (pre-November 2007 to be exact), Facebook was an ad-free platform where users could post content for their friends largely for entertainment.

Today, brand pages are one of the key features of Facebook. It’s the unspoken law that every business needs a brand page, yet getting around Facebook’s algorithms to see any kind of organic traction from content is difficult, to say the least.

Enter paid advertising. The tool that gets your content in front of your ideal audience.

If you’re going to use it, you’ll want to know how to get the best Facebook CTR out of it. We’ve put together a little guide for you.

Why Is Facebook CTR Important?

CTR, or click-through rate, is one of the key metrics in measuring the effectiveness of your ads, but you shouldn’t look at it alone.

In general, increasing your ad clicks will increase your ultimate goal simply be drawing more people to the deal. CTR will show you how many people clicked on your ad but having a high CTR won’t necessarily meet your ad goal.

Let’s say your goal is to drive traffic to your website and grow your email list. You set up a Facebook ad to drive traffic to your site.

You have a high CTR but your conversion to your email list is poor. Increasing your clicks might bump up your subscribers a bit, but it’s likely there’s a roadblock on your website. This is why you should decide early if CTR is the main metric that will determine the success of your ads.

let’s assume that you do in fact need to increase your CTR. Here’s how.

Know Your Target Audience

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Facebook has a highly targeted ad platform that allows you to narrow down your audience to match your ideal customer. The more you can narrow your audience, the more qualified your leads will be.

This will not only help to increase your CTR but also your ROI, as the more interested your visitors are the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Choose the Best Ad Placement

As we are exposed to a huge amount of advertising every day a new term has been coined called “banner blindness”. What this means is that internet users subconsciously ignore what is in the side banner of their screen, because it is usually full of ads.

The most effective ad placement on Facebook is within the news feed where it appears as organic content. Venture into sidebar displays once you are happy with your results in the news feed.

Rethink Your Design

Sometimes you need to rethink the whole design of your ad if it’s not resonating with your audience. Facebook ads manager allows you to split test your ads so that you can test out different designs and find what works best. 

Luckily, redesigning Facebook ads isn’t as exhausting as it sounds with software like Adobe Spark’s Facebook ads maker. Test out different colors, layouts, and copy and then run a split test to find out what is really working for your ad and what’s not.

Test and Improve

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The trick to a high Facebook CTR is to review your results often and make improvements. Check how your CTR is effecting your other metrics and ROI to determine where you need to improve.

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