How to Sign a PDF Contract over a Distance?

Why do We Need to Create a PDF Contract?

There are so many occasions that we need to sign a PDF contract over a distance. For instance, you and your partners are not in the same district, city, and country. Or, you can’t sign the contract in person because of the COVID-19 nowadays. Owing to the COVID-19, staff in most companies had to work at home, and face-to-face meetings and communication became increasingly difficult. So, it’s also harder for them to sign a contract in person. What’s more, that we sign contracts in PDF format can be of great help in our work and study. No matter where you open the contract, it can display the original content stably and accurately. The contract content and layout cannot be edited and copied by others easily, which can guarantee the safety of our contracts. 

Therefore, it must be wonderful if we can sign a PDF file digitally, which not only can save our costs in time, transportation, even papers but also bring much convenience to our work and life. 

How to Digitally Sign a PDF File?

There are methods to digitally sign a PDF file over a distance. If you want to sign a PDF file digitally, it’s important to find one helpful PDF solution. A helpful PDF solution can be armed with corresponding tools to sign a PDF file digitally, efficiently, safely, and even freely. The differences among the PDF tools in the market are whether they are practical or paid. 

There are lots of PDF signing tools online, but what we should pay more attention to is the safety of this tool and whether it’s convenient to upload the files. Most users must consider the price when choosing the corresponding tools, so it would be excellent if the tool or website is free of charge.  

To take EasePDF for example, you can make the most of “eSign PDF” to sign your signature directly by using the mouse and writing board. Or, you can upload the scanned image with your signature or the company’s logo. You can choose either of the two methods to add your signature according to your own needs. For more details about how to add electronic signatures in a PDF, you can visit: How to Add Electronic Signatures to A PDF in 3 Ways (2020).

How to Send the Contract to Your Partner?

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What we should take into consideration is that it’s convenient to upload the files when we choose the website or tool. If we can use the tool or website to send the files directly, we don’t have to log in to other platforms. We can share files with others via OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Dropbox, or URL to invite them to add their signatures. We usually send the files or contracts to others by email in real life. Some paid software can also invite others to add their signatures through the email. When they finish, they can return the PDF contract to you with these same methods.  

Almost all users highlight the safety of the contract. In some websites like EasePDF, it is of no necessity to worry that your information is stolen by others because all relevant PDF data and files will be deleted automatically in one hour. The corresponding URL will be invalid at the same time.

Commonly, we need to sign a PDF contract over distance. If you send the files by email, you must pay attention to the title of the email, which won’t be regarded as junk email. For one thing, we must avoid some sensitive or junk words like “gun” “propaganda”, and others. For another, the title should not be over-commercialized, which is easy to be thought of as promotion emails by users. All in all, signing a PDF contract over distance brings us much convenience. But, we also need to try our best to avoid some mistakes.

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