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How X-Men And Fantastic Four Will Enter MCU, Theory

X-Men and Fantastic Four in MCU. It has always been expected that X-Men and Fantastic four would join the MCU at some point in time. In Comic-Con last year, MCU revealed the lineup for phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In that line-up, Fantastic Four also held a position. Although we did not see X-Men in the list it is expected to be a part of phase 5. However, there has been a number of fan-made theories explaining the entrance of X-Men and Fantastic 4 in the franchise. Here’s the most trusted one.

How will X-Men and Fantastic Four enter MCU?

Every month since the comic-con there has been a leak from the MCU claiming that X-Men will clash with the remaining members of the Avengers. However, from a trusted source in the MCU, we have come to know that Fantastic Four and X-Men will be primarily based on their Earth 1610 counterparts. Thus, supporting the multiverse theory and hence explaining their absence in the previous movies.

There is also information that the upcoming series, Falcon and The Winter Soldier will feature an introduction of the X-Men. As there is no confirmation that we cannot be sure of it yet. However, that information too is from a trusted source.

John Krasinski might play the role of Reed Richards. Lately, MCU has been conducting virtual meetings with their employees. It has been reported that John was called for a meeting. Perhaps he is getting a lead role in an upcoming Marvel movie. Sources tell that he might be doing the role of Reed Richards in the Fantastic 4 movie of MCU Phase 4. Well, he might be a good option for Marvel, as they had considered him for the role of Captain America too. That’s all for now. FOr More Stay Tuned With Us.

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