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I Love You Stupid, Let’s Dig Into Its Story Mode

I Love You Stupid, Netflix’s Spanish rom-com movie. It features some famous faces such as Quim Gutierrez, Natalia Tena, and Alfonso Bassave. So, does it have to offer something new or just the same old cheesy romantic story? Let me give you a brief intro about the movie and then you decide it for yourself.

What’s the movie about?

I Love You Stupid starts with a scene in which Marcos(Quim) is proposing to his girlfriend after 8 years of the relationship. However, he is shot down and his girlfriend breaks up with him. After that, he goes back to his parents’ house and then is soon fired from his job. So, basically Marcos is a down on luck, heartbroken 35-year-old.

Marcos then goes to his best buddy Diego who teaches him to send eggplant and peach emojis on dating apps. After losing hope Marcos starts watching self-help videos online which teaches him to transform his life. Marcos follows those transformation tips and becomes more like a 21st-century man. Later he bumps into his old school friend Raquel and they start hanging out. Marcos confides in Raquel and tells her how pathetic he is and how he cannot get laid. Even though Raquel doesn’t find her to be so.

Thus, the stage is set for Marcos to find the confident man that he is. Moreover, Raquel is set to find how comfortable she is in her own skin. Since it is a romantic comedy movie there has to be a happy ending. However, I will not spoil it for you. The ending is quite interesting, you should watch it for yourself.

So, Should you watch the movie?

It has gotten about 5.5 rating on IMDB and mostly average reviews. So, I think it will be a fun 87 minutes to watch the movie. Moreover, there’s no harm in spending 87 minutes watching an average movie as we are stuck in our homes due to the worldwide lockdown.

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