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I’ll Be Gone In The Dark: Season 2 On HBO? Here Are The Details

Based on a novel written by Michelle McNamara, I’ll Be Gone In The Dark is an upcoming series. The story of this crime drama documentary is about online crimes and the investigation that the narrator of this series started to do while the whole world sleep.

The début season of this documentary drama will be premiered on HBO on June 28, 2020. This season will consist of six episodes in total and the sixth episode will come out on August 2, 2020. Liz Garbus has directed the first season of I’ll Be Gone In The Dark and Amy Ryan has narrated the excerpt from the novel.

Not even a single episode has released of I’ll Be Gone In The Dark so far and people on the internet have started postulating about Season 2 of this documentary series.

Will There Be Season 2 Of “I’ll Be Gone In The Dark” On HBO?

At this moment it would be highly superfluous to predict anything regarding the renewal of this documentary drama for another season. Once the complete Season 1 would come out, only then anything about the future of this show could be said with even the slightest amount of certainty.

It is also possible that HBO could renew the show while the début season would still in the halfway. But, the future renewal or cancellation of this documentary drama would solely depend upon the love and appreciation of the audience. Meanwhile, the initial reviews that Season 1 has got, is very promising. Although, the audience factor would play an important role in the future renewal of this documentary series.

Plot-wise there would be a huge potential still left in the story to continue it for further seasons as the novel “I’ll Be Gone In The Dark” is very long and six episodes of Season 1 would be not enough to compile the complete story.

Let’s wait for an official update and watch Season 1 of this documentary on June 28.

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