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Indian YouTube CarryMinati Too Close To Break Eminem’s ‘Rap God’ Likes Record

Source: Social Ketchup

CarryMinati was recently in the news headlines because of the controversial video that he uploaded on YouTube. Although even before the coming out of that controversial video that YouTube has taken down now, Carryminati had a devoted fan base of millions. But some spontaneous reaction by the netizens has made Carryminati ‘a leader like’ figure.

On June 5, Carryminati has uploaded a new song named “Yalgaar” on YouTube and ‘Carryminati Army’, his millions of loyal fans are not getting over this song. Even after a week of being uploaded, at the time of writing this article, the song was trending on YouTube on ‘Number 4’ in India. Now, slowly and steadily, this song this moving towards achieving a milestone: surpassing the famous song of Eminem named Rap God in likes.

Here we would take a close look at the statistical data of both songs and the possibility of Carryminati’s song surpassing the number of likes of Rap God.

What’s The Current Status Of Yalgaar In Comparison With Rap God?

First thing first, Eminem’s Rap God, explicit, the video was uploaded on his official channel on Youtube in November 2013. Currently, this ‘six minutes and nine seconds’ long song has over 1 billion views and 13 million likes.

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On the other hand, Carryminati’s song named Yalgaar that was published on the 6th of June this year has more than 86 million views and over 10 million likes.

One important thing that should be considered here is the song of Carryminati is still trending on YouTube and the number of views and likes are increasing spontaneously with each passing hour. “Yalgaar” is the song that portrays the side of Carryminati in that controversial roasting video incident in which he had lambasted some TikTokers.

That’s all for now. It would be very interesting to see if Carryminati’s song would break the likes record of Eminem’s Rap God or not.

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