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When it comes to auto insurance discounts, it is categorized into four types namely; Vehicle, Policy, Driver Status, and Driver Safety. We will discuss each one in detail. We will provide details about the insurance discounts that can be applied automatically when you receive a quote, the ones that require the initiative of the driver, and give the drivers the full information on how to obtain them and save cost.


This car insurance discount is specifically created to incentivize drivers for their excellent driving habits. This insurance discount is popular among insurers and many consumers benefit from the low auto insurance rates.

Defensive Driving Discount (10% to 15%)

Any driver that registers under a registered or certified school for their defensive driving lessons is entitled to benefit from their medical payment or personal injury coverage, collision, and liability.  Drivers learn how to assess weather conditions, traffic, and road paths easily to prevent collision accidents. If you intend to attend one of these classes, try to link up with NSC. This organization provides defensive driving lectures via the internet authorized by most regions.

Accident-Free and Good Driver Discounts

Insurance firms such as State Farm, GEICO, Allstate, and several others provide excellent driver discounts especially when they have adjudged youto be free from any form of accident for at least three years. The good thing is that this comes with an automatic application. If you do not meet up with the requirements for the registration, you will have the chance to modify your package if you have faithfully observed traffic regulations for that stipulated period.

Safe Driver Discount (10%)

This discount is provided to motorists adhering to traditional habits such as less aggressive braking, low driving speeds, and a host of others. We have come across insurers discounting collision and liability vehicle insurance premiums for these excellent driving habits.

Savings for low usage and mileage (fluctuates, up to 20%)

This is for individuals who don’t use their cars often; they may be eligible for this package. Whenever they are presented with a quote, they will have to tender their standard annual mileage to their insurers. However, if you intend to benefit from this package at specific companies, the driver will have to enlist on monitoring technology.


This package is intended mainly for the driver and is not dependent on their driving conducts. Whether you were once military personnel or your kid is an excellent student, your record can be crucial to help save a substantial cost on your vehicle insurance.

Military and Federal Employee

As a former employee of the federal government or military in the USA, you can look for insurance companies that offer this package. In the case of Geico vs usaa, GEICO provides (8% – 15%) discount rates to federal employees, active public officers, and in addition, retires and veterans for their entire policy package. For other companies like USAA, they exclusively provide vehicle insurance services to defense and military personnel while extending such benefits to family relations.

Good student discount

If you are young, this may increase the rates before you reach 25 years. However, if you are consistently around the B range, there is a high probability that you will qualify for the savings package that offersat least a 25% discount rate. The evidence you need is to be a permanent student and show proof of your academic achievements.

Away-From-Home Student Discount

Parents may qualify for this package if their kid driver didn’t go in their car when they left for college. This condition remains sacrosanct if the college is situated around 100 miles of distance. You may check for the information stated on your package or ask your agent instantly that your kid is within the specified distance and hasn’t been able to access the car.

Professional and Academic Organizations, Employee Discounts

The majority of these insurance firms have partnerships and affiliations with other institutions that provide their employees or members with additional incentives. These are believed to be professional or trade organizations and college alumni groups.

Senior/Mature Driver

Any driver that is above 55 years of age may be eligible for this package.Also, the majority of these insurers will reward drivers who are above this age if they register for the Mature Driver Improvement course via the internet.


This car insurance discount package is dependent on your policy. This policy can be altered in specific ways to enable you to benefit from certain packages.

Homeowner Car Insurance Discount (varying rates, 30%)

For some insurance companies, they will offer you this package even if the policy stakeholder has not bought homeowners insurance from them. This discount applies to physical damage, liability, etc.

Loyalty Discount

Insurers ensure that the business is kept running by providing loyalty discounts to dedicated customers. This discount is not similar to the general percentage premium reduction but could be more beneficial in the long run.


If your car is designed with some features such as anti-lock brakes, VIN stitching, anti-theft device, etc., you probably will qualify for a few discounts. This tends to offer a level of comfort to your insurance firm as they might not pay for damages in the long run.

Anti-Theft Car Insurance Discount (5% – 15%)

Having these features and devices may provide the drivers with a rest of mind, recover stolen vehicles, or deter actual theft. But the downside is that they don’t offer much when it comes to having a discount on your car insurance premiums.

Anti-lock Brakes (ABS) (5% – 10%)

One of the conditions given by most insurers is that the drivers must have ABS installed in their vehicle to benefit from this package. Due to this, this discount is part of this package when you receive a quote online.


Actions have been taken by most insurers to reward safe driving by creating devices that monitor the driving habits of a customer. Drivers can integrate a widget into the vehicle that measures metrics from the braking activity, mileage, speed, time of day driven, etc.

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