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iOS 14: Double Tap On Your iPhone’s Back To Take A Screenshot! New Features Explained!

iOS 14
Source: Business Insider

New Feature Of iPhone To Take Screenshot By Tapping On The Back Of It

On the 16th of September, Apple announced the new features of the new version of the iPhone. The latest version of the iPhone operating system called iOS 14.

Not only this, but Apple has also added more new features and apps in the new iPhone that they didn’t explain on the stage during the announcement. One of the most incredible features is back tapping. Just do two or three tapes on the back of the iPhone to access some tasks.

The new feature of Back Tapping id looking extremely useful. By back tapping, you will be able to operate many tasks like locking the phone, changing the volume, and even muting the phone, operate certain apps like Google Assistant, and screenshot also included.

iOS 14: Double Tap To Take Screenshot

By tapping on the back of the new iPhone, the phone will automatically activate some features. People who already installed the iOS 14, said that it works both with or without phone covers.

There are also some features like Apple’s HomeKit that will turn off and on all the lights of the home on your command. Shortcuts to open the apps like WhatsApp and Twitter to sent messages etc.

This is not the first time people are seeing a feature like this. HTC launched some features like to tap or even squeeze the side to activate some features and to open some apps shortly. The Pixel made the feature to check the notification just by tapping on the screen, and more.

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