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Is Corona Virus A Man-Made Bio-Weapon? Truth Behind The Viral Rumor!

Source: Forbes

This quarantine got no chill. Are you stuck at home blaming others for not able to step-outside? Well, so am I ! This increased alarmingly because of this immature act by some people or should I say, by people of China.

When it was revealed that this virus was already detected a few months back but the government didn’t inform or warn the local public of its country, it caught attention.

Well, China was the country from where this COVID-19 originated specifically in Wuhan and later got spread worldwide affecting 1,501,493 people with over  87,835 deaths across the world. GROSS, right?

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 Their one immortal act led to this devastation. Though Bat’s soup was one theory and intentionally originating in research labs to use as a bio-weapon is another. Both are equally considerable! Though these days bio-weapon is highlighted and seem valid too.

As soon as rumours covered the whole scenario people started noticing a paragraph being mentioned in a 1981 book called “ the eye of darkness” written by Dean Koontz eerily.

Coronavirus Predicted In A Novel - A Bioweapon Or Effects Of 5G? 7 ...

Where The writer directly mentions ‘Wuhan-400’ now Corona to be used as an amazing Bio-weapon by China that too be prepared in a research centre by scientists in Wuhan.

And to make this rumour more convincing, I will give you a brief idea about the plot of the novel. There was a lady whose son got disappeared in a camping trip to Wuhan and after returning showed some symptoms of the one’s being very similar to Corona( which is quite a coincidence or maybe an indication of something horrible coming?) 

The virus was made by the four-hundredth strain of viable microorganism in a research lab.

What do you think about this? Is it a bio-weapon or suddenly took birth from bats?

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