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Is George Lucas Returning To Star Wars Franchise Once Again

Is George Lucas Returning To Star Wars Franchise Once Again

It is rumoured that George Lucas will return to the Star Wars Franchise to make more movies but only if he has full control. Here is every detail about it.

A few months ago, it was reported that George Lucas would return to work in Star Wars if Disney gave him the green light to do so, and only if Disney said Lucas could have total creative control over the movies. Disney (and the rest of the fantasy) is aware of the fact that Lucas had problems with the Star Wars movies that Disney released since the company acquired Lucasfilm.

Lucas is not alone in his disapproval of “Disney’s Star Wars”

And Lucas is not alone in his disapproval of “Disney’s Star Wars”: there are many fans who think that the pre-acquisition of the franchise was much better. And according to some sources, it seems that Disney and Lucas are ready to put aside their differences to be movie magic or at least, to make Lucas movie magic.

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Even it is also rumoured that Lucas wants Dave Philoni (you know, behind Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels) to help him “change things.” So far there has been no substantial confirmation from Disney and Lucasfilm, nor Lucas and Filoni have spoken publicly about the case, but when more information is reported, we will let you know.

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Will we get a completely new saga other than Skywalkers, and will Lucas think of something we have never seen before? We are not sure, especially because many things have happened in recent months about the future of the Star Wars franchise. With creatives who reportedly leave their trilogy for the Obi-Wan Kenobi series being rewritten, it seems that Disney is trying to figure it out.

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