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Is Halsey Dating Sydney Sweeney? Steamy Photos Sparks Dating Rumors

Halsey And Sydney Sweeney Dating Rumors After Halsey’s Instagram Post With Sydney

Recently, Halsey is very active on her social media account. Halsey recently posted a picture of her with Sydney Sweeney on her Instagram account and with this, rumors started If Halsey is dating Sydney Sweeney? People started shipping them with each other.

The reason behind Halsey and Sydney hanging out with each other often recently is because of their roles in the movie named ‘The Player’s Table’ which is based on the best selling novel named ‘They Wish They were us’ written by Jessica Goodman.

The premiers of the movie are not yet disclosed because the Coronavirus outbreak has made many production houses shut. According to the sources, Halsey is producing the movie and also some good news for the fans that the production of some shoots has already started in summer this year.

Source: Instagram

With this picture, Halsey added a caption “strong and tender, my favorite lady and I.”

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 Is Sydney Sweeney Dating Halsey?

There are a lot of rumors od Sydney dating Halsey but it is not officially confirmed by them.

There are close these days due to the shooting of the movie and not involved romantically. Although Sydney and Halsey may be close, they’re probably not romantically involved. Officially the 23 years old actress Sydney is single and unofficially it yet unclear.

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There is news that she is maybe dating or had dated Jonathan Davino, a restaurant owner.

in an interview, she was asked about her in any relationship and at that question, she replied with a BIG NO.

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