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Is Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Dating Again? Details Inside

Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott. Their relationship was one of the fastest moving relationships in the industry. Something that started back in Spring 2017 soon was taken to a whole new level with Kylie giving birth to Stormi in February next year. Even though it seemed like being co-parents to Stormi would solidify their relationship, it faced somewhat of a surprising break, in October 2019. Since then it has been a very on and off kinda relationship. In fact, lately, it has been a lot more shaky than usual.

What’s Kylie And Travis’s present status?

As much as both of them share their love for Stormi, they are still not on romantic terms. Even though Kylie is still physically attracted to Scoot, they are not romantically attached. Lately, the two have been on shaky terms with almost changing status every next month.

If you are wondering why did the two break up in the first place, here’s why. It was not because Kylie stopped loving Travis or the other way around. Actually, their lifestyles became a problem for them. Travis being a rapper has quite a dynamic lifestyle with traveling and partying. On the other hand, since Stormi’s birth, Kylie had wanted him to slow down and have a settled life. That just cannot work for Travis.

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However, it doesn’t mean that the two cannot be together in the future. The past few months in quarantine spent by Kylie and Scott together parenting Stormi has shown the world that the two still have a chance.

Well, both of them are still young and have several things to figure out. Moreover, Kyloe also wants more babies in the future. So, I guess they can be a family once they are done figuring out things and planning their lives.

Hence, right now even though they are on good terms and are good friends, the two are not dating each other.

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