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Is Kylie Jenner Dating Drake After Travis Scott Split-Up? Here’s What Every Fan Should Know


Last October the entertainment world was surprised to hear the news that Kylie Jenner had ended her two-year relationship with American rapper Travis Scott. The piece of news was confirmed by the model and businesswoman herself after several weeks of rumors, through her official Twitter account.

“Travis and I are on good terms and our main focus right now is Stormi. ️Our friendship and our daughter are the priority,” she wrote.

Currently and according to the American media ‘People’, sources close to Kylie say that since the end of her relationship with Scott, the model has been dating singer Drake.

Apparently, she and the Canadian have been friends for a long time,  but until recently feelings began to flourish between them. In fact, the Kardashian family was part of the guests at Drake’s 33rd birthday, an event that took place at the end of October at Goya Studios in Los Angeles.

During the celebration, according to the magazine ‘Us Weekly’, Kylie not only sang and danced the rapper’s songs, but they were also seen together repeatedly, making evident the attraction and chemistry they feel for each other.

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“They seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. They were joking and Kylie laughing. She seemed to be very happy and in a good mood,” said one of the sources in the American magazine.

Despite the rumors, none of the celebrities has spoken, the only thing that is known according to the relatives of the possible couple is that since Jenner confirmed his break with Scott has had romantic dates with Drake.

In March 2019 and despite appearing to be one of the strongest couples in love with entertainment, the media rumored the possible infidelity that Kylie would have been victimized by Travis Scott. Although the accusations towards the singer were not confirmed, the relationship was terminated last October.

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