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Is PUBG Mobile Being Banned In India? Government Guidelines Explained!

Source: Business Today

PUBG ban in India. It has now become a matter of mass interest. With over 175 million users of PUBG mobile in India, we are looking at a possible ban on the app. It all started with a face-off with the Chinese army last month. Since then the Indian government has taken some steps in the interest of national security.

It is known that every Chinese company that deals in data has to share it with the home country even if it is operating in other countries. In light of that information, the Indian government has already banned around 100 apps on the play store and app store. Along with that they also have about 275 apps that are under the radar. PUBG is one of them.

Is PUBG banned in India?

Right now, we are sure of the fact that PUBG is operating normally in India. However, it certainly has a chance to be banned. The majority of the shares of PUBG are owned by a Chinese based company named Tencent. Therefore, the government suspects it as a security breach.

Recently the government came out with certain guidelines on banning apps. It said that there is a process to ban an app on the play store. Moreover, there are organized committees and funds to look over it. That committee looks over the data practices of suspected apps and determines if it needs to be banned.

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Now, to answer the most important question. Will PUBG be banned in India? Well, in the past we have seen incidents where the game was banned in several states on account of its addictive nature. So, I will say that it can be but we cannot say if it surely will be.

We also have come across a rumor that Bluehole which is actually the owner of PUBG has said that it will drop its deal with Tencent if the game is banned in India. To that I will say, it is most probably false. Although 24% of the users are Indians, it still isn’t enough to drop a million-dollar deal. It might just be a hoax spread by someone with good editing skills.

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