IT Chapter 3: Possibilities, Theories, Plus More Latest Updates

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After the second chapter of IT, the horror thriller drama premiered in theaters, it is rumored that there will be the third installment. Here is what you should know.

Within days of It: Chapter 2 hits theaters, its director Andy Muschietti has already been questioned about the possibility of further expanding the universe created by Stephen King.

The adaptation of the Stephen King novel has been divided into two successful installments at Warner Bros. by director Andy Muschietti. Stephen King’s original novel has been covered in full with the two released films. After ‘It: Chapter 2’ no one expected to see the Losers Club again since the story is closed. However, it seems that this does not prevent there from being another chapter of IT.

Will there be IT: Chapter 3?

IT: Chapter 2 has finished adapting the plot of the Stephen King book on which these films are based, but there may be a third film on the way. IT 3 could go into production since, given the success of the IT, Warner films would be interested in continuing the horror drama. Specifically, director Andy Muschietti has already talked about the possibility of a new film.

So, for now, we can assume that Pennywise will be back with the IT: Chapter 3.

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What will we see in IT Chapter 3?

Since the story of IT ended with part two, IT: Chapter 3 would be a prequel of the movie. Moreover, it will focus on the origin of Pennywise and the brutal crimes, that he committed before running into the Derry Losers.

When will IT: Chapter 3 be released?

There is no official release date of IT: Chapter 3 yet since the movie is not confirmed till now. There was a gap of 2 years between the release of its first and second parts. So, we can say that if the movie gets confirmed, it will hit our screens most probably at the end of 2021 or early 2022.

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