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Italians Sings Bella Ciao From The Famous Series Money Heist, As 75 Years Since The End Of Nazi Occupation

Italians Sings Bella Ciao, As 75 Years Since The End Of Nazi Occupation:-

Do Italians sing Bella Ciao From The Famous Series Money Heist?

Today the citizens of Millan, which is in Italy, came out of their balconies and sang all together “Bella Ciao,” holding the national flag of their country proudly. This all was done to mark the 75th anniversary of Liberation Day, during this period of epidemic crisis all over worldwide.

What’s actually Bella Ciao?

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Bell Ciao, which is an Italian protest folk song which was composed in the 19th Century and afterward in  1943-1945, became the anthem for the anti-fascist movements of Italian Resistance. Bella Ciao Means GoodBye, A Beautiful Goodbye. This folk song has several other versions all over the worldwide and loved by many. Even it is one of the feature songs of Netflix Web Series Money Heist.

National Association of Italian Partisans organized all this-

This all was just like a flash mob, which was organized and took out with the National Association of Italian Partisans, also known as ANPI, as Italy Lombardy is the most worst affected city of the country with this Coronavirus epidemic which has spread all worldwide.

Italians sang Bella Ciao at this point and peacefully without breaking any regulations of lockdown celebrated their 75th Anniversary of Liberation Day.

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Other Updates on it:-

Even Many other cities of Italy took place in this flash mob through there balconies and following the regulation of lockdown too, to fight with the coronavirus. They all used this folk song to celebrate their 75th Liberation Day as the end of Nazi Occupation.

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