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Jacob Elordi Dating Zendaya Or Kaia Gerber, What’s This Love Triangle!

Jacob Elordi And Zendaya And Kaia Gerber
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Jacob, Zendaya, and Kaia in a complicated place. Jacob and Zendaya kept their relationship under the wraps for quite a while before being public about it. Only recently the two on them were seen printing kisses on the streets of New York. Well, that certainly means that the two were dating, at least back then.

However, recently Kaia Gerber the supermodel has been introduced in the picture. With unclosed business with Zendaya and not so serious thing with Kaia, this makes it the ‘teen triangle’.

What’s the matter? Know About Love Triangle

Well, apparently it looks like Zendaya and Jacob have broken up. As Jacob spent Zendaya’s 24th birthday at Nobu’s Malibu restaurant having dinner with Kaia. I am no expert in relationships but I think it should have been Zendaya instead, having dinner with Jacob if they were still together.

Nevertheless, there is nothing serious between Jacob and Kaia as of now. Jacob definitely has an interest in dating Kaia but is not committed yet. They both have mutual friends and also have hung out together in the past. Moreover, Jacob and Kaia also have fun together and Kaia’s family adores Jacob as well. Kaia has told her friends that she is single right now and is only having fun and hanging out with people.

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We do not know what has caused Jacob and Zendaya to separate if they have because till this February they were quite inseparable. In fact, the two had quite a serious thing going on but still, we see Jacob spending Zendaya’s birthday with Kaia.

The two were inseparable since the last summer. They even made time for each other in between their projects. Moreover, Zendaya’s family adores Jacob as well. I must say, Jacob makes a good family impression.

So, now Jacob hasn’t officially broken up with Zendaya but is kind of dating Kaia. Hence the name Love Triangle.

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