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Johnny Depp And Amber Heard: The Complete Defamation Lawsuit Explained

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live. This is what Jonny felt when it came to living life but looks like one wrong decision has dragged Captain Jack Sparrow down to the lane of sorrow.

Here is every detail you need in your bucket about the Captain, Mera, and The Lawsuit.

The story started in 2009, when Jonny Depp met Amber Heard, on the set of The Rum Diary. The film in itself was a flop but looked like that it became a hit for the co-stars.

The fire reignited in 2012 after Jonny was officially off with Vanessa Paradis. Though the age difference between the couple was of 22 years, yet they got along quite good and were seen frequently in public together. Very True, love needs no age and understands no boundaries.

In the year 2014, the relationship was blooming flowers, especially when Amber was seen wearing a beautiful engagement ring.

In 2015, a few months later their engagement, the couple have a dreamy wedding, that was held in the private Island of the Actor, in the Bahamas with only a few friends and family members.

Little did they know, that this dreamy day would turn out to be the first night of the troubles, that was about to knock their door.

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The year of 2016, brought us surprising news of the Couple being divorced and here is when Amber first accused Jonny of domestic violence. This divorce was indeed one of the most expensive divorces ever. Amber Heard receives $7 million, which she decided to donate to the charity. This expensive divorce was thought to be an end to their miserable story.

But wait, in 2017, Jonny Depp asks for $100000 for the damages as a penalty from the court and losses the case receiving nothing. This was the start of the battle.

The battle started heating up in 2018, the month of October when the judicial struggle of the couple comes out in the public on GQ UK the interview. Right here Mr. Depp denies all the allegations and expresses that it is painful to be portrayed as a person, he never was nor is.

For the allegations put on Johnny Depp, Mr. Sherborne, his barrister stated, ” They are allegations which the claimant absolutely denies, and which, at the time of publication, he had already publicly denied”

In March 2019, a Lawsuit was filed against Amber Heard asking for $50 million of compensation, as of damaging the properties of the Actor and bringing him to defame and false allegations of domestic violence.

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Mr.Depp’s attorneys, advancing the accusations, claiming that it was Jonny, who suffered from domestic violence, not Amber, and the photos of hers with the bruises is a fake.

In the year 2020, the battle is still on. Taking Mr. Depp’s side, his ex-wife Vanessa says that he would never be violent.

With all this happening the Actor is also suing The Sun, for accusing him as a “wife-beater”, which he certainly isn’t.

All the fans have their eyes on the three week trial at the London High Court where Johnny Depp faces off against Amber Heard and The Sun.

The key witness from Depp would come from his former partners Vanessa Paradis and Winona Ryder, who will surely take the case towards a closing. Heard will be joined by her friends in the witness box who would try to claim otherwise.

Key shreds of evidence till date put by both the parties are

– Depp in a witness box called Heard “calculating” and “sociopathic”.

– Transcripts of a call where it can be understood that it was actually Heard who was harassing Depp

– Depp stated that Heard or someone from her friends defecated in their bed, to which Heard stated at just a prank

– Depp stated that this case is not at all for the money but to clear his name out from all the false allegations on him.

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– Depp’s lawyer claimed that Heard has invented these false stories

– The ever drunken pirate admitted taking drugs which includes but not limited to marijuana, cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, magic mushrooms and prescription pharmaceuticals

– NGN still claims their description was accurate and truthful

– Heard’s spokesman before proceedings stated that Heard wanted to move on with her life, but is being dragged to court and to remember back those moments which she had already moved on with and were the most distressing moments of her life.

This is all folks, it looks like its gonna take Grindlewald all the magic to come out of this crisis. Let’s just hope for the best.

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