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Johnny Depp As Ghost Rider? Here’s What Is Know

Johnny Depp As Ghost Rider
Source: Glamour Fame

Actor Johnny Depp, one of the best actors of Hollywood earlier came up to media and it supposing to relaunch his career with a potential role in the famous Hollywood movie named “Ghost Rider” reboot, and he is very eager to play a villain.


This famous actor’s career has seen a decline and was slowly ending with also allegations and news from his ex-wife Amber Heard who he married earlier that, he Johnny Depp physically abused her when they were in a relationship and had huge trouble with him during their marriage. The accusations from his wife had come when they were movement started of Me Too movement and this all has caused this famous actor’s reputation on edge, and he has suffered from a lot.

Johnny Depp has made sure to sue his wife, Heard for defaming him in front of fans because he had nothing to do with such allegations, and the trial is scheduled to begin from 2021. Despite all the convincing evidence that his wife has pointed out by Heard the famous “Aquaman” actress and also how Depp was being the abuser during their relationship, and also it is not sure his career will come up again as it used to be.

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This popular actor and favorites of many are now 57-year-old and were famous for his role from Pirates of the Caribbean where he starred and got famous and still has his spot in the Fantastic Beasts movie franchise. But as per media reports and various sources, there is a news that he also wants to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe and want to be a part of such blockbuster films. So with all this, it had been reported saying that he wants to be a part of the famous movie of Ghost Rider reboot to portray the character of the villain, Bounty Hunter.


Johnny Depp is a very huge fan of the movie Ghost Rider and he also said to various media officials that he already told Marvel about his interest and also that he wants to be a part of the very much interested to be a cast in the reboot of this film. Famous actor Keanu Reeves is supposed to be in this movie and is to play the main character, which was earlier played by Nicholas Cage, so Johnny Depp might be just the villain role in Ghost Rider Reboot.

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