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Johnny Depp: Is He Dating Someone? Who’s The Girl?

Johnny Depp
Source: Variety

For a while now Johnny Depp has been in headlines because of his and Amber’s legal battle.

Is Johnny Depp Dating Someone?

Johnny Depp’s name is now getting linked with model Sophie Hermann, she is a 33-year-old model and actress, who also appeared in the Tv show Made In Chelsea in the year 2013. There is no confirm news about the two seeing each other.

Where Did Johnny And Sophie Met First Time?

According to the sources they first met in a hotel in London. Sophie Hermann herself approached Johnny in quite a filmy way, she slid her phone number in Johnny’s guitar while he was away. And from that day both started talking on the phone for hours. After johnny and Sophie both followed each other on Instagram, Sophie’s followers increased.

Johnny is not new to the concept of dating younger ladies than himself, and also has some experience in the field of dating. Johnny first got married in the year 1983 the marriage only survived for 2years and lasted in 1985. After getting divorced Johnny’s name is linked with few actresses. He then was with Vanessa Paradis, though the couple never got married they have 2 kids together, after splitting up with parades, he got married again to Amber Heard in 2015.

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Johnny Depp’s True love: Winona forever!

No matter how many times Johnny’s name gets linked with actresses and models, when it comes to true love, the actor has only one person to talk about Winona Ryder. Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp were the most adored couple, Johnny was Winona’s first everything, Johnny also loved Winona deeply, he got her name tattooed to show his affection towards her ‘Winona forever’. Parting ways was hard for both of them and changed them for life.

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