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Jungkook: Dating Rumors Breakdown

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Are you getting puzzled by listening to different rumors about the star, Jungkook? Well, here is the exclusive report related to the personal life of a great star, Jungkook. So let’s get deeply into it.

We all know whoever becomes the part of BTS like big organizations, has always received great popularity among its viewers but this time everything got changed when the great star, Jungkook was troubled for its own life.

What are the ongoing Rumours about Jungkook?

According to the sources, there is one short clip that features Jungkook and a female tattoo designing assistant. The rumors went to the peak when both of them hugged each other in one of the music album launches of Jungkook.

As of now, the rumors have spread like the fire, which is getting much serious day by day. So let’s see the complete report about it.

Is the star, Jungkook dating his assistant tattoo designer?

These all the very rumors are completely fake. According to the music company, Big Hits, the allegations are completely false. And this has been even confirmed by the female tattoo designer also. There are wrong assumptions regarding the star’s life. And strict actions will be taken against those people who are adding masala over this most heated topic.

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What is the Response of Jungkook regarding this matter?

Well, till now the star, Jungkook has not spoken anything about it. He has led his organization to handle the matter. According to the sources, the star took some break from his normal schedule and went for the holidays where he found some of the makeup artists and he was just hanging out with them. And the clip that has set these rumors on fire is just taken to disturb the star’s personal life.

Therefore, I feel if Jungkook is dating someone in his personal life then these all things are not to be included or judged by others. It is someone’s personal life and no one has the right to disturb anyone by targeting their issues.

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