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Justice For Rhea, Justice For Sushant And Justice For Kangana Are Completely Three Different Things, Breaking Down

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Justice For Rhea, Justice For Sushant, and Justice For Kangna. The trending threads on Twitter. Since the unfortunate demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, Rhea and Kangna have been frequently in the news. However, let me tell you, although these might have a common link, they are not the same. In fact, in the light of present events, they have turned into completely different things.

Justice For Sushant!

This thread started soon after his death on the 20th of June. First, the Indian majority blamed the nepotism in Bollywood as the root cause of it. In those allegations, names like Karan Johar, Salman Khan, Mahesh Bhatt, and a few more we heard. In the middle of these debates, Kangna Ranaut same into the scene, seeking justice for Sushant. However, these events haven’t lead to Justice For Kangna yet. That is another part of the story.

Well, we are still on the path of Justice for Sushant with not much success to claim. However, we believe that Justice will be served.

Justice For Rhea!

Rhea’s story begins after the Indian public was done with blaming Bollywood for Sushant’s suicide. Now in the light of some newfound information and allegations from Sushant’s sister, Rhea Chakraborty, Sushant’s girlfriend was brought in for questioning. In the process of that, she was asked to go for a narcotics test on the suspicion of alleged narcotics consuming.

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While she was being taken to NCB the Indian media jumped on her as eagles jump on dead animals. That indeed was a new low found by Indian media. Harassing someone just for the TRP game is certainly that is frowned upon. Even if she is found guilty, that is no way to treat a human. Thus, now comes Justice For Rhea into play.

On seeing such a devastating play by Indian media, several celebrities and known personals condemned this act and demanded that she should be treated like a human being. Hence Justice For Rhea. As you can see there is no connection of this event of fall of media to the death of Sushant. However, some people are connecting the two have now somewhat made opposing groups. Like people who support Justice for Sushant are on one side and people supporting Justice For Rhea on the other.

Justice For Kangana!

Now, this is a completely different thing. Although she started with speaking up for Sushant, now that topic is no more addressed by her with the same vigor. Looks like she was only interested in that till it was connected with Nepotism in Bollywood. However, the “Justice For Kangna” conflict began after she gave some controversy about living in Mumbai.

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To be precise she said that Mumbai now feels like living in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). It was in the context of the threats she received on speaking up about Nepotism in the Industry.

On her ‘POK’ comment, a Shiv Sena politician replied that she should not come back to Mumbai if she feels unsafe here. Kangna retaliated with the same courage and boldness which further provoked the Shiv Sena leader. Then recently, Kangna’s office in Mumbai has been taken down harshly while she was away. This was not liked by many of Kangna fans and also some a majority of Indians who do not support violence and destruction. Hence, we got to see the thread Justice For Kangna trending on twitter.

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