Justice League 2: Expected Release Date, Cast And Other Details

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Justice League 2, the film was scheduled to be released in 2019. However, we did not get it. Rumours are that a new character is being added in the movie, it might be the cause of delay. Moreover, it wasn’t that of success so the franchise too would be having second thoughts. Justice League 2 might have Robert Pattinson playing the Batman this can also be the reason for delay.

When Can We Expect The Release Of Justice League 2?

After being cancelled for a release in 2019, we do not see a potential release date soon. 2020 is packed with movies like Flash and The Wonder Woman 1984. So this year might not be the year for Justice League 2. However, it has some chance in 2021 if not then 2022 seems a good option. However, this depends on the franchise, wherein time it wants to put the movie. If the movie is set in the following time of Aquaman, then it will have to develop a few characters before releasing it. Thus, a potential release date seems to be in 2022. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until then.

What might be the Plot of Justice League 2?

The very obvious minds might think that after the pawn, the king arrives. Implying that Darkseid might be the villain in the next part. However, it seems to be too early for that. In the post-credit scenes, Lex Luthor had escaped the Arkham asylum and joined forces with Slade Wilson. These two might pose a big threat in the next movie. Moreover, to access the greater nemesis of Super-man we have to have a word with the smaller one.

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Who might be included in the cast of Justice League 2?

The confirmed actors playing their roles in the movie are; Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher. Ben Affleck might or might not be there and the same is the case with Henry Cavil.

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