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Katy Kenne: Season 2 Renewed At CW? Or Cancelled? Here’s What We Know

One of the recently released American comedy, Katy Keene is expected to soon come up with its second season on the CW network. Created by Micheal Grassi and Roberto Aguirre Sacasa, the series is based on the Archie Comic Characters under the same title. The series is the sequel of the famous teen drama Riverdale on Netflix. It was first aired on 6th February 2020 with thirteen episodes. Although the series has received mostly mixed reviews, it doesn’t seem that it stands a chance for a  second season on the CW network.

The plot follows the story of four characters from Archie comics, who chase their dreams in New York City. Five years have passed since the events of Riverdale. All four lead characters are struggling artists who are making their ways in New York City to achieve their dreams and make it to the limelight.

Has The Series Been  Renewed For Season 2? Or Cancelled?

According to official sources, the series has been canceled for Season 2 by the CW network. The series has failed to attain the minimum number of viewership within the last six months of its release. CW has canceled the series in July 2020. There are very few chances for some other network or broadcaster to pick up from where it left off in Season 1.

There has been no statement given out by the lead actors of the series. The makers have also not stated if they are going to approach a different platform. The viewership of the first season has consistently low compared to that of other shows. Maybe after some time, the show might be picked up by some other platform but for the time being, it is completely off the table. We hope to get further updates soon regarding the whereabouts of the series, and until then stay tuned!

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