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Keanu Reeves And Alexandra Grant: Here’s The Complete Dating Timeline

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Keanu Reeves, notoriously famous for his mysterious love life. Reeves doesn’t open up a lot about his love life in public. However, the fans were overjoyed to see him with Alexandra Grant walk the red carpet, a while ago. It has somewhat become a sensation around the internet. This is because of the reason that they are a perfect couple; both of them are low key people and do not want the spotlight. Both of them are artists and know their position in the world. Thus, making them a perfect couple.

Keanu Reeves AND Alexandra Grant

It has been reported that Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant are dating. However, we do not know when did this correctly start, but fans are speculating it to have launched around the start of 2018. Yes, it sounds surprising to me too. I was further surprised to know that it is a bit older than the speculated time. If you think that Keanu Reeves has a secret love life, then you certainly do not know about Alexandra’s love life.

A while ago Reeves pal Jennifer Tilly told that Reeves and Grant isn’t a new thing. It is hard to determine the starting period of this relationship. Reeves and Grant have long been friends, more or less since 2011. And since Reeves is notoriously private about his love life, it makes sense he’d keep it a secret.

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Where Might this Relationship GO?

Predicting anything about them is nearly impossible. As far as marriage is concerned, it doesn’t seem to happen anytime soon. Reeves friend Tilly, when asked about Revees marriage plans, she said, “I don’t know, that doesn’t seem very hip and bohemian, does it? They’re artists. They’re just going to do what they do.” We cannot count on marriage yet. However, it seems to be a healthy relationship. Keanu said that he is pleased and grateful to have Alex in his life.

Whatever be their status right now. Fans are happy to see them happy.

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