Keep An Eye On Your Kids With Kids Spying App

Are you concerned about the safety of your children? Set all your worries to rest with kids spying app. The technologists have developed a mobile app to enable parents to keep an eye on their children from anywhere. No matter if you are at your workplace, you can be virtually present around your loved ones to ensure their protection. Just install your kids’ android mobile phones with the kids monitoring app and keep tabs on their activities. The app lets you know where your kids are and what are they doing. You can watch them and listen to their talks without letting them know. Read on to know how you can use the kids tracking app to protect them from potential dangers. 

Role of Kids Spying App

The widespread adoption of smartphones and the internet has increased potential dangers for children. The digital world possesses threats of cyberbullying, online child predation and scamming. Parents are needed to protect their kids from all online and offline dangers. To ensure the safety of children, they are needed to supervise their activities inside and outside the home. The monitoring app enables parents to keep a secret eye on their little ones. It lets them know how their kids use mobile phones and what they do or speak at school or somewhere else. It helps them to protect their children from scoundrels at school, play areas, and unsafe zones. The given features of the app further explain the role and benefits of kids surveillance app. 

How Kids Spying App Work

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You are needed to install the app on your kid’s android mobile phone to keep an eye on their actions. After installation, the app gets access to data saved on the phone and uploads to a secret web portal. Parents can access and review the data by logging into the online portal of the app through their personal mobile phones or computers. They can also send a command to their kid’s phone through the web portal that also acts as an online control panel.

What are Core Features of the App?

The surveillance software offers a wide range of features enabling parents to monitor and control smartphones of their offspring. We have discussed here a few main features of TheOneSpy mobile spy app kids monitoring solution.

Read Messages

Do you want to know what type of messages your kids exchange with their fellows? It is important to check out chats of your kids because they are likely to receive bullying messages from cyber harassers. The kid surveillance solution secretly syncs incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS of kids and uploads to the web portal. It also provides access to messages exchanged via popular instant messengers including WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Snapchat and Telegram.   

Record Phone Calls

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You can listen to phone calls of your children by getting their incoming and outgoing phone calls recorded. You can retrieve the recorded calls from the web portal. The app also provides call logs and contact numbers of callers and recipients.

Check Out Social Media

It is crucial to keep an eye on kids’ social media activities to prevent them from getting involved in self-harm and objectionable acts. The tracking app for android phones allows parents to monitor most popular social media apps including Facebook, Tinder, Instagram and Tumblr. You can see what they post on their accounts; what comments they receive on their posts. You can also check out their friend-lists and chats. 

Find Whereabouts

The app lets you know the current position of your kid. It shows the GPS location of your kids’ phones to keep you updated about their whereabouts. 

Listen to Conversations

You can listen to the conversations of your kids when they are away. The surveillance app lets you turn on the microphone of your kid’s phone through the online control panel. It enables you to listen and record the surrounding voices. 

Record Surroundings

The camera of your kid’s phone can be controlled via an online control panel of the monitoring app. You can take photos and make videos to capture the surroundings.

Access Browsing Details

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The app provides access to the internet browsing history of kid’s mobile phone to let you know what websites they visit and how frequently.

In short, the kids spying app lets you closely watch out online and offline activities of your children to ensure their protection.

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