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Kerala Police Repeats ‘George Floyd’ Scene On Protester, Will You Speak Up For Your Country Now, Or It Isn’t Cool Enough!

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You might have learned about different conflicts between a common man and a policeman. We all address “Policeman” as the savior of our life, but what’s all going in and around the world, is really undigestable.

patriotism is caring rather than shouting!

Kerala Policemen calls for George Floyd Case in India

The same case that happened with George Floyd, seems to take place in India too when many innocents got dead and even there was the viral clip that got highly trending on social media. Lots of people are standing against this brutality but the real question is how long? When would be a trustworthy law come to light? None know this… isn’t it?

Because we never cared for this.

US George Floyd Case: Who Was The Real Culprit?

George Floyd was once served to be an American – African Watchman, who was doing his normal duty, the day when we put on death.
Due to some cases, he was about to be arrested by Policemen but suddenly he was pinned to death. His last word has served ” I Can’t Breathe ” and it has become the hashtags for all the protestors who are asking for real justice without even fearing for their own life.

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According to police, the man was disobeying their commands, that’s he was shot to death. Well, whatever be the truth, there are plenty of Asians, Americans, and other people who have been standing for the protest against the police brutality against the innocent man. Looking over President Trump’s tweet, President Donald Trump addressed the protesters as ” Thugs”.

Every time, whenever anything wrong happens, people start sharing high rated posts over social media, but truly speaking can you even think if something gets wrong, who all will come to help you.

The real problem of Indians is that we have always cared for our own domestic issues and never thought for humankind. The real selfishness has been started from our side, but we all stand and blame others for this.

If the group of innocents is killed by Police Officers, then it’s our duty to stand and raise our voice for it, but these all seem in vain because whenever anything happens with us then only we open our eyes.

So even if, in this case, Police Officers are culprits, then also we can’t do anything because we just know how to share aggressive comments over the social media handles rather than coming in front of everyone and protesting nationwide.


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