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Kingdom Season 3: Is It Renewed? Or Cancelled On Netflix?

Any original Korean drama has not achieved that kind of popularity which the Kingdom has successfully achieved with just two seasons. The kingdom is a South Korean thriller web series. It is directed by Kim Seong-Hun and the story of this drama has been written by Kim Eun-hee. Kingdom series is inspired from The Kingdom Of The Gods, a webcomic written by the same author.

The story of the Kingdom is about a political turmoil for the throne in the wake of a plague turning humans into zombies. Yes, as obvious from this brief synopsis, this web series has amalgamated various genres. This is one of the strongest forces that has helped this drama to establish a large loyal audience.

Season 2 of the Kingdom was released in March this year. Undoubtedly, it has surpassed the popularity of the first season. Now, fans are expecting that the makers will renew this series for Season 3. Here we have compiled some possible scenarios about the happening of Season 3 of the Kingdom.

Has the Netflix Renewed Kingdom For Season 3?

As we all know that Season 2 of Kingdom was premiered on Netflix on March 13, 2020. It has been more than three months to the release of the second season but no new updates have come regarding the renewal of Season 3. Although, it is expected that sooner or later, the Kingdom would be renewed for another season. So far, we have not been informed about any reason for the delay in renewal but it is rumored that the ongoing pandemic may have caused it.

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Has Kingdom Been Cancelled For Season 3?

The absence of any official update has made many fans to believe that Netflix has canceled the show. But no update has come about the cancellation of the Kingdom for Season 3. There are many stories still left to tell in this series, so it is highly unlikely that the Kingdom would be canceled.

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