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Kingdom Season 3: Netflix Potential Plot And Release Date Updates

The kingdom is a horror drama, originally premiered in the Korean language. It depicts the story of political upheaval in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. Season 1 of this drama was released in the month of January last year. It was an instant success because of its unique storytelling method and a very stimulating plot. This success of Season 1 was followed by another season, Season 2, which came out in March 2020. Season 2 of the Kingdom was also watched by a large audience and critically it got mostly positive reviews.

Now the talk about the upcoming season of Kingdom is picking mileage on the internet. Here are some of the latest speculations which you should know about Season 3 of the Kingdom.

How The Story Will Progress In Season 3?

So far we have seen that the Joseon dynasty was in the midst of a plague but the political turmoil between the protagonists and antagonists was making the situation worse. But in the finale of Season 2, these prevailing challenges were solved by the heroism of Chee Chang and his allies but there was also a hint of future problems.

In Season 3, the Crown Prince and the physician, Seo Bi will try to find the reason behind the plague and we would get to know the most mysterious secret of this drama. There is also the possibility, as it was hinted in the final episode of Season 2, that the Crown Prince may get infected by the virus himself.

When Season 3 Of Kingdom Is Going To Release?

It has been only two months since Season 2 of the Kingdom has been released. And Netflix has not updated the viewers about the release date of Season 3. But it is obvious that in the near future we would get the official update regarding the release of Kingdom’s Season 3. It is expected that Season 3 of the Kingdom will come out in mid-2021.

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