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Kingdom Season 3 On Netflix? Release Date Updates A Fan Should Know

Kingdom. The South Korean Horror-Political drama series. Netflix is surely playing its part in uniting the world by bringing cultures closer through visual-audio art. Along with its first German and Spanish show, Netflix also has its Korean show.

The show is set in the late 1590s of Korean history, revolving around Prince Lee-Chang played by Ju Ji-hoon. Our protagonist has to save the crown from some a few who are conspiring against it meanwhile save his country from a plague. We have already gotten two seasons of the show and are anticipating a third one soon.

Has The Show Been Confirmed Yet?

Well, the show hasn’t been confirmed yet, at least not officially. However, it is very much expected to be renewed soon. As its second season just released this March, so we will have to wait for at least a couple of months before Netflix gives any updates on the show.

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Writer Kim Eun-Hee earlier said that the production of season 3 depends on the views of the season 2. Moreover, they are looking forward to a full 10 season show.

Kingdom Season 3 Release Date?

The show hasn’t even been renewed yet, let alone the release date. However, even if the show is renewed in a couple of months I guess its production work would not start until late 2020. Given the situation, the ongoing pandemic, several Netflix shows are halted in mid-way of their production. So Kingdom too cannot be expected to start production for the third season any soon.

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However, a mid or late 2021 release seems to be a good option for the show. It is in-case everything goes according to plan.

What Might Happen Next?

Well, the show presents a thriller plot, so there is plenty of directions to move in. After abandoning his position the crown prince would pursue the mission with even more vigour. We might get to know if a cure for the spreading disease is possible or not. Moreover, we might also get to know the real motives behind the spread of this plague.

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