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Kingdom: Season 3 Release Date? And Show’s Future Plans Revealed

Kingdom. The legit zombie horror show, some might even say it’s scarier than The Walking Dead. However, even if it is not scarier than The Walking Dead it sure has a wider plot. The show not only covers an ongoing Zombie Plague but also a political issue of historical Korea. Set in the Joseon period of Korea the show doesn’t fail to show the originality of that period in Korea.

The show has already released its two seasons and fans are hoping to hear about the third one soon.

When Might The Third Season Release?

The show hasn’t even been renewed yet. Though it is soon expected to be. The first season of the show released in January 2019 and the next one followed on 13th March 2020. So by the trends, it seems like the show requires about 12 months in production. The next season too can be expected to release next year.

However, it might not go for a spring release, rather a release later that year would be suitable. As the present situation of the world keeps worsening we do not know until when the lockdown could last. So I wouldn’t expect an early release.

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What does the future Hold for the Show?

Given that the show came with its second season recently in March, it hasn’t even been renewed yet. It is just how Netflix works, every show is renewed at least after a month of its premiere. We might get to hear about its renewal soon.

Moreover, rumours are that it would surely be renewed and the writer of the show Kim Eun-Hee too teased about it. He said that the third season will start production if the views on the second one are high. Moreover, he also said that they are planning to go for a full ten-season show. Indicating that do not have a shortage of plot or storyline. So it would be safe to say that the show is going to stick with us for a while.

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