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Kingdom Season 3: The Zombie Drama Reportedly Cancelled At Netflix!

Kingdom is a South Korean horror drama. It is written by Kim Eun-hee. Kingdom is loosely based on The Kingdom Of The God’s, a webcomic series by Kim Eun-hee. The story of this web series follows the incidents of plague and political turmoil during the historical period of the post-Japanese invasion in South Korea.

So far, two seasons of this historical drama has come out. With just two seasons, Kingdom has achieved great success in establishing its loyal fan base and a constant viewership. The critics have also praised this drama because of its multi genres amalgamation that has made this a well-plotted horror series.

The last season, Season 2, of Kingdom has released in March this year. It was an instant success. After that fans are waiting relentlessly for Season 3 on Netflix but in vain. Here are some of the latest updates that you should know about the upcoming season of the Kingdom.

Has Season 3 Of Kingdom Been Cancelled At Netflix?

This rumored cancellation news of Season 3 went viral on the internet recently. The speculations about the cancellation of Kingdom’s Season 3 were doing rounds on the internet for quite some times but it escalated recently. More than two months have passed since Season 2 was released but so far no updates have come regarding the upcoming season from the creators. So this false news of the cancellation of Season 3 was nothing but the frustrated attempts of the fans.

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Those who have watched the previous season of Kingdom would know that there is much potential left in this series to continue the story of this historical drama. The makers have to explain many things about the previous two seasons in the upcoming season of the Kingdom. So there will be Season 3 of Kingdom and it is just a matter of time to get this news confirmed by the creators.

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