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Kingdom: Season 3? When Are The Zombies Returning To Netflix?

One of the best political period dramas of all time, Kingdom is soon coming up with it’s the third season on Netflix. It is a Korean drama series that has been developed by Kim Seong-hun and adapted from the comic book series, Kingdom Of The Gods by Kim Eun-hee and Yang Kyung-il. It was first aired on 15th January 2019 and has been into the limelight since then. The series has received lots of positive reviews and has crossed an average viewership of about 8 million in a short period.

The series follows the story of Crown Prince Lee Chang during the Joseon period, where he struggles through his way when he encounters a life-threatening strategy that led to the spread of an unusual plague. He must soon discover the people behind this evil plan before the epidemic devours the entire population.

Has The Series Been Renewed For A Third Season?

The third season of the series has not been renewed yet. The second season was aired in March 2020. So maybe the third season shall get renewed soon enough. Usually, Netflix takes a month or two before renewing a series after the release of a new season. But one of the significant reasons why the series is not renewed yet is because of the outbreak of COVID-19. All productions and releases had been put on hold for the past few months. Everything is resuming back to normalcy slowly, so it can be expected that the series will be renewed soon.

Is There A Expected Release Date Yet?

Nothing has been announced regarding the release date of Season 3. If the previous release schedules are followed, then the third season is expected to drop in early 2021. Although keeping the current situation in mind, the release date might be delayed.  But if the production starts within the next few months, then we might be able to catch a glimpse of the series by summer 2021. We hope to get some updates soon until then, stay tuned!

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