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Kissing Booth Season 2: Release Date And Other Major Updates

Kissing Booth, the Netflix Rom-Com movie. After a huge success, the streaming service is set to release the sequel of the movie. Although the movie received a lot of criticism, it is still getting a sequel. It is only because of the viewing numbers. The first part of the movie was claimed to be the most re-watched movie in the world.

When can we see the sequel on Screens?

The first part of the movie was released on 11th May 2018. With Fabulous viewing numbers, a sequel of the series was confirmed on 14th Feb 2019. However, an official date has not been confirmed yet but speculations are that the film might release in May like the last one. Well, it also seems reasonable as what can be a better time to release a high-school themed movie than the holidays. Moreover, the may release brought the last part a huge success too.

The cast of the sequel

Most of the cast will remain the same as the first part. However, there will be a few new faces too. The returning cast is:

Jacob Elordi- Noah Flynn

Joey King- Elle

Molly Ringwald- Mrs Flynn

Joel Courtney-Lee Flynn

Joshua Daniel Eady-Tuppen

Meganne Young-Rachel

Frances Sholto Douglas-Vivian

D. David Morin- Headmaster

Michelle Alen-Heather

Camilla Wolfson-Mia

Nathan Lynn-Cameron

Morne Visser- Mr Flynn

The new cast recruited is:

Kai Luke Brummer

Taylor Zakhar Perez

Maisie Richardson-Sellers

Where will the story go?

This time the theme of the story is based on a long-distance relationship. In the last part, Elle accidentally confessed her feelings to Noah in Lee’s costume. They then spent a week together before Noah had to leave for Havard. In the sequel, we will see Noah in Havard pursuing his higher studies while Elle is still in high school. We will get to see the dynamics of a long-distance relationship.

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