La Casa De Papel ‘Money Heist’ Season 4: Nairobi’s Fate Revealed! [Spoiler] First Scene Of Season 4 And Teaser


NOTICE: The following news contains spoilers of 3×08 and 4×01 of ‘Money Heist’. Read at your own risk.

There are still four months left for the premiere of Part 4 of The Paper House, but his followers are already preparing for the announced “chaos” that will come with the new chapters. And if the first teaser put the character of Nairobi in focus, the scene with which he will open the new season points directly to The Professor.

Comic-Con de Brasil has not only been the scene chosen by the Netflix and Vancouver Media team to unveil the launch date, but also the perfect location to show how the 4th installment starts. The Brazilian media have been able to enjoy the first minutes of 4×01, and although the sequence has not been broadcast on video, we do know what happens thanks to the Omelete portal.

“The season begins with the Professor in trouble,” said the source. As they explain, a group of heavily armed policemen and accompanied by dogs enters the forest where the protagonist is, at exactly the same point where he dismissed the 3rd season. The character of Alvaro Morte is sitting remembering the moment in which he heard the shot of Raquel and starts running when the shots approach him. “I will try,” he promises.

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In the middle of his escape, the Professor sees a stone structure in a forest clearing and enters without seeing it. When he looks up, a menacing bull stares at him. He stops slowly, asking him to calm down. After a tense moment, the bull decides to move on. The character rushes and jumps on a wooden structure that turns towards him.

Is the fate of Nairobi confirmed?

The main of the many questions you have to answer Money Heist in its 4th season has to do directly with Nairobi. The character of Alba Flores closed the 3rd round between life and death after being shot abroad, and her destiny keeps the spectators of the series in suspense since last July.

The first teaser of the new chapters reserves its last seconds for the robbery, something that the fans have taken as confirmation that it will be in the 4th season and, therefore, will remain alive. Such was the surprise – and joy – of the fans that Nairobi’s name was among the main Trending Topic this Sunday, even ahead of the series itself.

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