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‘La Casa De Papel’ Money Heist Season 4: Release Date? Season 5 Plans? And Everything A Fan Should Know

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“Money Heist” is currently the most popular non-English Netflix series and has completed the first three parts. Here you can find out how long the fourth part of “Money Heist” will last and get more exciting information about the series.

Netflix is ​​one of the most popular web services in the world and now also produces several non-English language series. Particularly notable is the Spanish series “Money Heist” (original title: “La Casa De Papel”), the most comprehensive non-English series on Netflix since its release in 2017. After the third part, which was released in 2019. We look forward to the fourth part.

By the third part it was already known that a fourth part would appear. The first and second seasons of “Money Heist” are a closed story together, and parts three and four are about the same attack.

On December 8, 2019, Netflix announced that the fourth installment would be available on Friday, April 3, 2020.

As part 2 of the series was a direct continuation of the unfinished story of the first part, the fourth part will continue the story of part 3. It ended with a giant cliffener and the lead would read questions about the fate of some members of the group. . By the professor.

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The trailer of the fourth part tells us that Raquel (Lisbon) has to decide whether to go back to the police or be arrested. It is not yet clear what will happen to Nairobi and whether more will be known about Berlin’s past and future.

The series should be finished after the second part. But after the show’s massive international success on Netflix, new seasons have been commissioned. But should we say goodbye to the professor and his team after the fourth part?

In fact, it has already been announced that the quarter is not over yet. A fifth and a sixth will appear, already in pre-production. In addition to the series’ sequel, it is revealed that a spin may also appear on the series.

Some sources say the limits may be exceeded after the fourth season. While the first four parts are set in Spain, banks from other countries in seasons 5 and 6 may also be attacked by the group. Where exactly the next attack is planned is unknown. Germany may also be a possible scenario, as in the banking city of Frankfurt.

It is not yet known where and where the attacks will take place outside Spain.

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