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La Casa De Papel ‘Money Heist’ Season 5: Najwa Nimri Reveals Did Alicia Shot Professor!

The perfect blend of crime, drama, romance, lots of car explosions, bank explosions and chaos, Money Heist has become one of the most-watched Non-English series. The series got famous for its suspenseful storyline.

Though it hasn’t been official from Netflix, yet there is confirmation from the star cast and the creator Alex Pina that the show would run up for a new season, which might be the last season of this famous Heist.

What the star cast has to say!

On one side there is immense and insane love for the Professor, and then on the other, there is the same level of hatred for Alicia Sierra played by Najwa Nimri. The last we saw both of them, was the cliffhanger of Season 4 where we find Sierra pointing a gun at the Professor.

The excitement of filming a new season can be seen and heard through every member but looks like Najwa Nimri gave us some pretty big clue. While on the video, where everyone is expressing their excitement, we also have Najwa sharing the screen, she says ” I am very excited to know that soon I will start the film.”

The part that caught the attention was, that she appeared on a shooting range firing a gun, similar to the final scene.

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So that’s definite, that we would see some firing, which may or may not kill the Professor, this can only be looked up in Season 5.

Theories about Najwa Nimri

Najwa or Alicia is the part of the Spain police, who locates the hideout of Professor and points a gun at him. Now, the part that is twisted is that her actions were revealed for torturing Rio and fake death of Lisbon, she has now turned the Police department against herself. Now she is not only a target of arrest but also for lawsuit slander. Losing everything in the process, she has no place to go other than the gang, so as she can secure the life of the unborn baby.

A fact that adds to the theory is that we also hear a voice singing Bella Ciao in a female voice, that’s the anthem of the Gang and the Voice is of Alicia. So, we might expect to see her either in the gang or finishing the Professor and putting an end to the Cash Heist.

Well, this was just about Najwa Nimri, but don’t you worry we would be here to keep you updated about other characters and their upcoming fate in the new season. For you, just Stay Safe and Stay Buzzed.

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