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La Casa De Papel Season 5: Cancelled At Netflix? Or Renewed?

La Casa De Papel is a Spanish drama which in English is popularly known as Money Heist. The Season 4 or Money Heist, or you can call it ‘La Casa De Papel’, was released in the month of April this year. Even during this time when the world is going through a dark phase, Season 4 of this heist drama was able to create a moment of happiness and excitement all over the world. Many people are claiming that Season 4 of this thriller web series is so far the best among all the other series.

So it is obvious that after getting a great season of La Casa De Papel from the creators, fans are curious about the Season 5 of this series. Here are some of the speculations and updates which you should know about Season 5 of this heist drama.

Has Netflix Cancelled The Season 5 Of La Casa De Papel?

It has been over a month since the release of Season 4, which was premiered on April 3, but no further updates have come from the creators regarding the renewal of this drama fro Season 5. The speculations have started surfacing on the internet, although in a hardly audible voice, that whether La Casa De Papel would ever get renewed for Season 5 or not. But this is too early to consider that morbid future of this great drama.

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When Money Heist Would Be Renewed For Season 5?

The reasons behind the delay in the renewal of La Casa De Papel for Season 5 have not been specified. But obviously, the current global scenario in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic would have stopped the creators to announce the news of renewal as everything is uncertain. But some Spanish media outlets have claimed that the heist drama would be surely renewed for another season.

Let’s hope that we got to know about the renewal of La Casa De Papel as soon as possible. Stay tuned with The Buzz Paper.

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