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Lebanon’s Government Resigns After Beirut Explosion! Let’s Dig In!

Source: ABC

Beirut Explosion, over 200 dead and 110 missing and the government has decided to step down from their posts.

Well, 2020 has certainly been a devastating year till now, with everything going on, the explosion just adds to the chaos. It was Tuesday of the previous week when 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate blew up parts of Beirut and left about 200,000 people homeless.

What is the cause of this explosion?

The superficial answer would be that 2,750 tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate stored unsafely at the ports is the cause of it. However, when we try to read between the lines the real reason comes up. It is the heightened corruption of a ruling class in the country. If these events result in a revolution, historians might mark this explosion as the spark that lit the fire.

Corruption in Lebanon has not only caused this explosion but has also created a state of economic crisis over the years in the country. A large number of people have gone under the line of poverty and some have even died of hunger. It sounds only fair that people now have taken the resolution to take the matters into their own hands and on the streets.

What is the step that the government has decided to take?

Mr. Diab, the Prime Minister of Lebanon, appointed back in January said that they had gone to all the lengths that they possibly could to lay out the map to bring change. However, corruption in Lebanon is bigger than the state itself and the corrupt people will not let that change happen. Those people have stooped as low as they can to restrict that change and preserve their inhuman benefits. Yes, I call such acquired wealth ‘Inhuman’.

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After the explosion, the people came out on the roads to protest and also clashed with the police. They said that the government is incapable of performing its part and holds it accountable. Several have even lost their faith in the political elite. Hence, the Prime Minister took responsibility for that. Till now several cabinet ministers have resigned from their offices.

What does it mean for Lebanon?

The President of Lebanon has asked the government to take care of the cabinet until the next cabinet is chosen. However, the change of cabinet neither is simple nor fast. As the power in Lebanon is divided among several religious groups, it is going to be one tough phase for the country.

End to the government doesn’t mean that it will be an end to the anger or corruption. In my opinion, this is only the cover for what’s going to come.

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