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Legendary Australian Cricketer Dean Jones Dead In Mumbai

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Unfortunately, the former Australian Cricketer Dean Jones died due to the sudden heart attack. Well, it’s deep sad news but let’s find all the important details behind this sudden news.

We all know due to the great ongoing pandemic of COVID 19, this year Indian Premier League (IPL) has got much late. Where it used to capture the tenure of summer vacations, this time it has got very late and that too happening in UAE.

The year 2020 has already given many problems in our life when today we got to know that one of our favorite Australian Cricketer and Commentator died of from sudden heart attack.

The Complete Description Of Dean Jones Death

Today, on this early morning, Dean Jones had the breakfast with Brett Lee, when we noticed that Dean Jones was not feeling good and he was roaming at the balcony of the hotel where they have been living to host the 2020 Indian Premier League.

Just after a few minutes, they got to learn that Dean Jones had got a heart attack for which Brett Lee tried to give him immediate medications and then he was brought to Mumbai for further treatments. No one expected that the 59 years old former Australian Cricketer would leave them in a short way.

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The response of other Cricketers and spectators for this sudden death of Dean Jones
Since the time, everyone got to know about the sudden demise of former Australian Cricketer, Dean Jones everyone seems very sad. From the world of cricket to the Dean Jones fans everyone is craving to meet and listen to Dean Jones’s voice once again. Brett Lee who was just sharing the room with him during this Indian Premier League was found completely shocked when this sudden death happened. According to him, he did not even believe as what happened.

Well, on behalf of everyone we extend our great tribute to one the legendary Australian Cricketer, Dean Jones who never made us bored because of his commentary, instead he always filled the complete environment of IPL with true colors of happiness.

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