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Life On Venus: Researchers Report Possible Sign Of Alien Life, Major Breakthrough For Extraterrestrial Life!

Life On Venus
Source: Anadolu Agency

Possible Signs Of Alien Life On Venus

According to the research, experts have suggested that on the other rocky planets, the discovery of large quantities of phosphine is taken as a sign of life on the rocky planets and now, the same phosphine has been found on the planet, Venus.

Research Report of Venus

The existence of any kind of life and survival of life is very difficult due to the acidic and hot surface of Venus. The situations on Venus made it difficult for any kind of life. And on the other hand, the environment of the upper clouds around 35 miles higher than the surface, the atmosphere is full of gases.

The gases found in the clouds can only be described by the way that the acidic clouds can easily destroy any phosphine.

This research was led by an international team leading by Jane Greaves from Cardiff University.

The Final Report of Research Of Alien Life On Venus

An astrophysicist from the Royal Observatory Greenwich named Emily Drabek-Maunder and an author said in a statement that the existence of the amount of phosphine on Venus that indicates the existence of alien life on Venus is produced by some mixture of chemicals found on Venus or any unknown geographical process. he added that there could also be any biological reasons behind phosphines.

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