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Little Things: Will The Show Have A Season 4 On Netflix?

Little Things Season 4
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In October 2016, Dice Media gave us Little Things which was loved by all. It got so much positive response that Netflix picked it.

The Plot of Little Things revolves around Dhruv and Kavya’s relationship, where it is showed that little moments are what makes your relationship better, loving, and happier. It shows how Dhruv and Kavya handle their careers, relationship, and wandering minds while being together. In the series, we can see that Dhruv and Kavya live together, and if there comes any obstacle they talk about it and solve it with maturity and understanding.

Haven’t We All Shipped The Cute Relationship Between Dhruv And Kavya?

Little Things Season 2 was premiered on Netflix in October 2018, followed by Season 3 on 9 November 2019.

Will There Be A Little Things Season 4?

There are no updates yet on season 4, but it is assumed that there will be a season 4, as Kavya and Dhruv have a lot of growing up to do. Also in one of the episodes of season 3, a slight hint was given which tells that there will be a season 4. There are no announcements from Netflix but as we all know season 3 also came rather unexpectedly, so maybe season 4 will also follow the same path.

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While season 1 was a simple story about a couple cherishing their moments together and making cute chemistry, season 2 and 3 were more focused on The character’s individual journeys of exploring and analyzing their lives while maintaining their relationship. Little things are a series anyone can relate to and that’s one of the reasons, it is so loved.

So let’s hope that season 4 will premiere soon and we will get to see Kavya and Dhruv once again.

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