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Locked Up: Season 6 Renewed Or Cancelled?

Locked Up Season 6
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One of the most popular Spanish crime thriller series, Locked Up is rumored to come up with its sixth season soon. Is this true? Let’s find it out. It was created by five notable makers, Alex Pina, Lobato, Daniel Ecija, Ivan Escobar, and Esther Martinez. It first aired on April 20th, 2015 on Antena 3 Network.

Later it was canceled Antena 3 and was picked up by Fox Spain. It was renewed for more two seasons, which turned out to be one of the most-watched seasons. The series has been in the limelight since its release and has acquired a lot of viewerships over the years. The streaming rights have been procured by Netflix as well.

Here’s The Plot Of Locked Up

The story revolves around a young woman named Macarena Ferrero who has been falsely accused of corporate crime, that was initially done by her lover, and was sent to prison. There she gets entangled with tough and ruthless women and tries to figure out what should she do next to survive.

Has The Series Been Renewed For The Sixth Season? Or Cancelled?

Unfortunately, the series has been canceled after the release of its fourth season. The fourth and final season was premiered on 3rd December 2018. After that, a spin-off was released in 2020 under the title, Vis a vis: El oasis. According to the sources, it was the last feature of the entire installment.

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After it was canceled, all the cast members moved to different projects, and most of the lead members joined the leading web series of Netflix, Money Heist by Alex Pina. The studio that was used for the production of the series has been taken over by Money Heist. So one can say that there are hardly any chances for the series to get renewed for another season. It is completely off the table. We hope to get further updates soon and until then, stay tuned!

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