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Locked Up ‘Vis A Vis’: Season 6? Cancelled Or Renewed At Netflix?

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Are you a fan of ‘Orange Is The New Black’, then this Spanish prison drama is for you! ‘Locked Up’, Vis a Vis in Spanish, follows a female-centric storyline revolving around a woman who is facing prison time at the Cruz del Sur Prison.

The first season of ‘Locked Up’ aired on Antena 3 in Spain in April 2015, after which it was picked by Netflix for the international audience. After 4 successful years, the show has returned for a highly emotional Season 5 on 31st July 2020, but will there be a Season 6? Here’s everything you should know.

Locked Up Season 6 Release Update:

As you know, this season was released today on 31 July 2020. With 8 episodes in the fifth season,  the viewers are very much liking the new season and the season has got very good reviews. The show was previously rumored to get canceled after Season 4, but later the makers debunked those rumors.

We do not have any confirmation of this season six yet because this season 5 is released today, we will have to wait for its season six. And this season has become more popular and the audience and its fans have liked it a lot, so we can expect a Season 6 renewal for the show.

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But we have to wait a little bit more. For its season six because the creators have not given us any such information yet.

PLOT Season 5:

This series begins by introducing us to a young, beautiful blonde hair woman, Macarena Ferreiro, who desperately falls in love with her boss. This woman is also smarter and clever runs many such frauds comprising accounting companies and has leads all the false companies herself. After doing so much crime, she is sent to jail. But then she would come out of jail on a very big vine. Once she is inside the prison, she has to deal with the emotional trauma, a new place, and also the terrifying existing inmates which include the main antagonist of the show Zulema.

As far as we hope that season six will also start from where season 5 has ended and we will get to see this season six very soon. So to know the information about Season 6, stay with us, keep reading our news on our page.

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