Lost In Space Season 3: Did Netflix Dropped Its Release Date Yet


Lost In Space is a very popular space drama that is aired on Netflix. This scientific fictional drama is inspired by the novel named “The Swiss Family Robinson” written by Johann David Wyss. So far two seasons of this web series has released and now Lost In Space has been renewed for Season 3.

The story of this web series is about the adventure of the Robinson family who was assigned to colonize a star system to start a new world but somewhere in their journey they lost from the path. Season 2 of Lost In Space was premiered in the month of December last year. It was viewed by millions of people and surpassed the Season 1 in popularity and success. The success of this season led to the renewal of Lost In Space for Season 3.

Did Netflix Dropped The Release Date Of Season 3?

It is official that Netflix has renewed Lost In Space for Season 3 in the month of March this year. It was also announced that this upcoming season will mark the end of this great adventurous drama. So it was obvious that many speculations regarding Season 3 would start surfacing on the internet. One of the rumors is that Netflix has announced the release date of Season 3 but when we investigated it came out that there is no fact in this speculation.

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For now, it can be said that the filming for the final season of Lost In Space has not started. On March 9, 2020, this sci-fi drama was renewed for Season 3, and just after a couple of weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic halted the filming and production in the cinematic world.

So, once the filming of the Season 3 will start, only then Netflix would reveal the release date of Season 3. It is expected that the final season of Lost In Space would release in 2021.


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