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Lost In Space Season 3 On Netflix? Release Date, Cast And Other Details

Lost In Space, the Robinson family adventure series. It is about to come with season 3. I guess that you, too, would have heard the rumor that the show has been canceled. If you have, then do not worry, it is just a rumor. Stopping Robinson’s family just yet doesn’t seem to be an option.

When will it Release?

The second season was aired last Christmas, and the fans are already demanding for the next season. Unfortunately, we still do not have any update on the release date. Netflix usually takes a month or two after the release of the previous season to give updates on next. We can expect the updates to come shortly.

Cast in Season 3?

The original cast will certainly return except the people who are dead. This means that the whole Robinson family, along with some recurring shall return. There is always scope for new cast members in uncharted territories of the infinite space. Thus, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some new faces.

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Molly Parker

 Toby Stephens

Maxwell Jenkins

Taylor Russell

Mina Sundwall

These are some confirmed cast members to return. June Harris might also return as Dr. Smith if she isn’t dead.

What Might Happen?

This season poses a threat to the Robinson Family as they are split up and lost in space, as the name suggests. The last season was left somewhat on a cliffhanger. Thus, season three is supposed to start from that very point.

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There another burning question for the next season: Is Ben Adler Alive? In the last season, he wasn’t shown dead. He might still be alive. If he is alive, then he must have answers to more important questions. Such as, Why did scarecrow switch sides? Why do the Robots want that powerful engine? I guess these questions can only be answered after the release of the third season.

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