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Lost In Space Season 3: Renewal Updates And Netflix Potential Release Date Revealed!

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Lost In SpaceĀ is a science fiction television series, re-make of 1965 series of the same name. The plot mainly revolves around the Robinson family. It covers mostly the adventures of the Robinson family and how they solve all their problems.

Two seasons of the show have already been aired that received above-average ratings, thus suggesting season 3 to be renewed.

Renewal Updates

The first season in the series aired in April 2018, and a month later, Netflix announced the renewal of the second season. This suggests that Netflix typically waits for a month before giving updates on next season. The second season aired in December 2019. Thus, we can expect official updates from Netflix until the end of January. As the show requires massive special effects, so we have to give some time to them too. This narrows down the release date by the end of this year. Last season of the show aired in the holiday season, of course, for binge-watching. We can expect this season too to be released around the same time.

Season 2 setting plot for Season 3:

At the end of season 2, we saw the family splitting thus, putting pieces together for even a more blasted off season 3. While going for Alpha Centauri, the promised paradise, the family is lost in space, as the name suggests. The third season can be about them reuniting and going to Alpha Centauri. However, to create a plot for season 4, it might not be the paradise as promised.

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Dr. Smith’s death is also a cliff hanger in the last season. It might be possible that she isn’t dead. This assumption is supported by the facts that Smith’s scarf and a blue ball she picked up earlier aboard the ship. It means that Smith is the only adult looking after the Robinson kids in unknown territory.

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