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Lost In Space Season 3: Robinsons’ Return Plans Revealed On Netflix! Release Date And Other Details

Lost In Space, season 3 updates to be released soon, speculations ahead. Adapted from the popular sci-fi television series of the 1960s. The last two seasons in the series were a hit which made us think that there is going to be a third season. Although nothing can be said for sure right now, rumors are that the show has been canceled.

Will There Be a Third Season?

I think rumors are false and the show hasn’t been canceled. The show received ratings that can be called good and with such good ratings, it is difficult to cancel a show without concrete reasons. Some might say that its production cost is too high but we have to see it also generates revenue in the same way. It has also won several awards for its visual effects.

Typically, Netflix announces the renewal updates of a show after a month of release of the previous season. We can expect the renewal updates of next season by the end of February at max. If the show is renewed then its release can be expected by the fall of 2020 or the beginning of 2021.

Season 3 Plot

The whole modus operandi of the Resolute was to take the families to a new life on Alpha Centauri. Now the question is whether everyone will reach there. Moreover, is Alpha Centauri the paradise as promised? With a name like Lost in Space, it is a bit conflicting to think of Alpha Centauri to be the destination.

Very popular speculation about Lost In Space season 3 is Dr. Smith’s survival. It was pretty obvious in the last season that Dr Smith had survived.

There’s an upcoming war with robots. However, in the last season, we found out that the metalheads weren’t the murderous bots as being portrayed. They were only looking for motors to survive however, the Resolute declared war on them. This means that we can see a war between Humans and Robots in the upcoming season.

Whatever be the plot of the next season, it is going to be mind-blowing.

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