Lost In Space Star Mina Sundwall’s New Look At Spencer Confidential Premiere! And Fans Are Going Crazy

Lost In Space, Penny Robinson’s new look on Twitter has made fans go crazy. Looks like we are going to have the third season soon. The remake of Lost In Space from 1965 has made it to screens once again. Netflix has secured a large fan base on the show. The streaming giant has big plans for the show.

Lost In Space Season 3 Release date?

To be honest we do not have any information on the release date yet. However, fans are speculating it to be set at the beginning of 2021. Seeing the previous trends this date seems reasonable too. Moreover, the award-winning VFX and graphics require time, and the last season has released recently. Thus, we will get to see the show once again next year.

Lost In Space Season 3 cast?

The cast for lost in space season 3 more or less will be the same. The central characters will surely be there. Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson, Toby Stephens as John Robinson, Maxwell Jenkins as Will Robinson, Taylor Russell as Judy Robinson and Mina Sundwall as Penny Robinson. Moreover, Parker Posey might also return as of June Harris, a.k.a Dr smith. Although the character was presumed to be dead in the last season, it has a strong chance of returning.

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What Might Happen In Lost In Space Season 3?

In the last season, the Robinson family was separated and also Lost In Space, quite literally. The next season will focus on reuniting the family. The Robinson family was moving towards Alpha Centauri, the promised paradise. However, this promised paradise sounds too good to be true. Thus, new threats are sure to emerge. Moreover, war is on the way. We might see a furious battle soon.

However, all of these are just intelligent guesses and nothing more, although they have a high chance to be true.

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